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LS200NDVOR Pneumatic Level Switch (15700761)
LS200NDVOR(240).jpg The LS200NDVOR is a float-activated, pneumatic-vent level device used to operate dump valves or similar devices. The LS200NDVOR provides a 2" NPT mounting with a pneumatic snap action output for interfacing with pneumatic devices such as the Murphy pneumatic dump valve or with other pneumatic instrumentation.

Pneumatic media devices require clean, dry, instrument quality air or gas. This unit is supplied with a pressure regulator, filter and Murphy 20BPG pressure gage for improved system life and trouble-free operation.

The LS200NDVOR is designed for harsh gas compressor scrubber applications. The improved design provides better snap action and dependability with a reduced number of moving parts. A nickel plated body provides enhanced corrosion protection, and the 304 stainless steel float operates in 0.5 specific gravity and heavier fluids.

The LS200NDVOR is rated for 2000 psi (13.8 MPa) [138 bar] working pressure and listed for Class I, Division I, Group C & D locations. The DVO valve is 3-way, normally closed with manual operator; all connections 1/8" NPT.

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Scrubber Level Control System Bulletin

Price: $574.20

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